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We work with candidates across a variety of industries in varying stages of their career. When you are approached by a Talent Partners & Co. recruiter, it’s likely that we have numerous opportunities in mind that could change the course of your career and elevate your professional life. We pride ourselves on communication with our candidates as a top priority.

This simple practice is surprisingly commonly overlooked in other agencies as the job market moves faster than ever and most of our competitors’ quota-driven focus does not allow the time for truly taking the time to care for the individuals who they represent.

As a Talent Partners & Co. candidate, you will have control of your search through the entire process, making sure to get your permission for each place that you are submitted. You will receive updates regarding your search in real time and as much notice and preparation as possible when it’s time to interview. Knowing that our candidates are most likely holding down a job while search for another, we keep confidentiality as a top priority and work to efficiently make use of your time outside of work to undergo your search.